Recertify AFSCME to Protect Your Pay!

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What does it mean to vote YES in a recertification election?

Voting YES to recertify means the employee (you) wishes to maintain the current bargaining representative (AFSCME) as your representative for your Collective Bargaining Agreement (the terms and conditions of your employment).

IMPORTANT: All employees in the bargaining unit must vote or else the state will automatically count you as a NO vote.

Recertification has nothing to do with being or becoming a member of AFSCME. Voting YES does not make you a member or require you to pay dues. You do not need to be a member to vote YES. (Although, we would be happy to have you become a member!)

What is at stake if we lose a recertification vote?

You may think there is no point in retaining a union when all we can bargain is base wages, pay days, and the pay you will receive for your job classification. But, there are still contracts for public employees that contain far more. If you lose recertification, then you lose your contract ten days after your election result is certified and you lose the chance to get a new contract for a period of at least two years. If you do not recertify, your employer would then have the ability to lower your pay and lower your pay grade with no recourse from employees.

Voting in this election will run from October 15th (8:00 AM) to October 29th (9:00 AM).

CLICK HERE to Vote YES online, or visit:

Text VOTEYES to 237263 (AFSCME) for Recertification alerts and other important updates.

AFSCME Council 61 will be hosting voting locations where you can vote online. Click here for a complete listing of voting locations. 

For further assistance or other questions, contact our Recertification Hotline at 515-246-2647.