Iowa Locals

LocalName/LocationCity, County, State or PrivateUnion Representative
12University of IowaStateEarlene Anderson
35Capitol ComplexStateAdam Swihart
90Boone County Secondary Roads and LandfillStateAdam Swihart
96ISU ClericalsStateAdam Swihart
165Ida County Sheriff's Office EmployeesCountyBen Ingersoll
183City of Iowa City & LibraryCityEarlene Anderson
183City of TiffinCityEarlene Anderson
183Coralville Public WorksCityEarlene Anderson
183Coralville TransitCityEarlene Anderson
183Johnson County AmbulanceCountyEarlene Anderson
183Johnson County MH/DDCountyEarlene Anderson
183Johnson County SEATSCountyEarlene Anderson
212City of Sioux City - Field ServicesCityBen Ingersoll
212City of Sioux City - Sioux Gateway AirportCityBen Ingersoll
212City of Sioux City Conference Board (City Assessors)CityBen Ingersoll
212Sioux City Community Schools - Bus DriversSchoolsBen Ingersoll
231City of MarionCityRobin White
231Linn County ClericalCountyEarlene Anderson
231Linn County ConservationCountyEarlene Anderson
231Linn County Emergency ManagementCountyEarlene Anderson
231Linn County MaintenanceCountyEarlene Anderson
231Linn County ParaprofessionalsCountyEarlene Anderson
231Linn County ProfessionalsCountyEarlene Anderson
451IA Corr Institute for Women - MitchellvilleStateAdam Swihart
451Newton Correctional FacilityStateAdam Swihart
525Clarinda Correctional FacilityStateBen Ingersoll
606Muscatine CountyCountyEarlene Anderson
606Scott County EmployeesCountyEarlene Anderson
616Wapello County Secondary RoadsCountyAdam Swihart
620City of Cedar RapidsCityEarlene Anderson
620Linn County City of Cedar Rapids Solid Waste AgencyCity/CountyEarlene Anderson
679Black Hawk County AttorneysCountyRobin White
679Black Hawk County ConservationCountyRobin White
679Black Hawk County Public HealthCountyRobin White
751Davenport Community School District Custodial, Warehouse, Security, and Printing EmployeesSchoolsEarlene Anderson
751Davenport Community School District Food Service EmployeesSchoolsEarlene Anderson
751Davenport Community School District Para Educator EmployeesSchoolsEarlene Anderson
751Davenport Community School District Secretarial EmployeesSchoolsEarlene Anderson
828City of Burlington Public LibraryCityEarlene Anderson
828City of Burlington Public WorksCityEarlene Anderson
861City of Forest City PoliceCityRobin White
870ISU Blue Collar/Tech/SecurityStateAdam Swihart
887City of Davenport Technical, Clerical, Professional, and Adminstrative EmployeesCityEarlene Anderson
887Davenport  Public Library EmployeesCityEarlene Anderson
888City of Clinton EmployeesCityEarlene Anderson
888Jackson CountyCountyEarlene Anderson
1014City of HarlanCityBen Ingersoll
1014Harlan Municipal UtilitiesCityBen Ingersoll
1014Shelby County Dispatchers/EMACountyBen Ingersoll
1014Shelby County Secondary RoadsCountyBen Ingersoll
1014Shelby County Sheriffs DepartmentCountyBen Ingersoll
1068City of CrescoCityRobin White
1068Howard  Winneshiek Schools Bus DriversSchoolsRobin White
1068Howard - Cresco Public SafetyCity/CountyRobin White
1068Howard County Secondary RoadsCountyRobin White
1100Home CarePrivate 
1127City of GuttenbergCityRobin White
1141Ottumwa Community Schools Custodial/MaintenanceSchoolsEarlene Anderson
1141Ottumwa Community Schools Food ServiceSchoolsEarlene Anderson
1195City of Waterloo EngineersCityRobin White
1195City of Waterloo Police Lieutenants & Code Enforcement OfficersCityRobin White
1264Louisa County Secondary RoadsCountyEarlene Anderson
1264Louisa County Sheriff's Dept.CountyEarlene Anderson
1367Mason City Public Works & LibraryCityRobin White
1396Monroe County Secondary RoadsCountyRobin White
1414Atlantic PoliceCityBen Ingersoll
1414Cass County SheriffsCountyBen Ingersoll
1541City of OnawaCityBen Ingersoll
1541Onawa Police DepartmentCityBen Ingersoll
1547Des Moines UniversityPrivateAdam Swihart
1560Muscatine Community School District UnifiedSchoolsEarlene Anderson
1560Muscatine Schools Bus DriversSchoolsEarlene Anderson
1560Muscatine Schools Custodial, Maintenance, and Mechanic EmployeesSchoolsEarlene Anderson
1560Muscatine Schools Food Service EmployeesSchoolsEarlene Anderson
1560Muscatine Schools Secretarial, Clerical, Aides, and Para Educator EmployeesSchoolsEarlene Anderson
1639City of Algona - Police & DispatchersCityRobin White
1639City of Algona - Public WorksCityRobin White
1639City of ArmstrongCityRobin White
1639City of Estherville - PoliceCityBen Ingersoll
1639Emmet County - DispatchersCountyBen Ingersoll
1639Emmetsburg Municipal UtilitiesCityBen Ingersoll
1639Lakes Regional Healthcare - MICSCountyRobin White
1682City of Lake ViewCityBen Ingersoll
1682Crawford County Memorial HospitalCountyBen Ingersoll
1722Buchanan County CourthouseCountyRobin White
1722Buchanan County Secondary RoadsCountyRobin White
1741City of AkronCityBen Ingersoll
1741City of Orange CityCityBen Ingersoll
1741City of Sheldon - Police/DispatchCityBen Ingersoll
1741City of Sheldon - Public Works DepartmentCityBen Ingersoll
1741Osceola County - Sheriff's OfficeCountyBen Ingersoll
1741YES CenterCountyBen Ingersoll
1774City of HawardenCityBen Ingersoll
1795Chariton Community School DistrictSchoolsAdam Swihart
1795Melcher-Dallas SchoolsSchoolsAdam Swihart
1795Southeast Warren Community School DistrictSchoolsAdam Swihart
1796Humboldt County - Courthouse EmployeesCountyRobin White
1796Humboldt County - Public Safety CommissionCountyRobin White
1835Delaware County Secondary RoadsCountyRobin White
1835Delaware County SheriffsCounty Robin White
1868City of AnkenyCityAdam Swihart
1868Polk CountyCountyAdam Swihart
1941Webster City PoliceCityRobin White
1998City of Centerville Dispatchers and Administrative AssistantsCityAdam Swihart
1998City of Centerville Fire DepartmentCityAdam Swihart
1998City of Centerville Police DepartmentCityAdam Swihart
2005Keokuk Community School DistrictSchoolsEarlene Anderson
2023Colfax Mingo SchoolsSchoolsAdam Swihart
2023Southeast Polk SchoolsSchoolsAdam Swihart
2048DM Schools Operations, Food Service, TransSchoolsAdam Swihart
2051Prairie MeadowsPrivateAdam Swihart
2205Des Moines County Health DepartmentCountyEarlene Anderson
2205Des Moines County Secondary RoadsCountyEarlene Anderson
2364Pottawattamie County 911 CenterCountyBen Ingersoll
2364Pottawattamie County CourthouseCountyBen Ingersoll
2364Pottawattamie County Secondary RoadsCountyBen Ingersoll
2659University of Northern IowaStateRobin White
2749Cedar Falls Community SchoolsSchoolsRobin White
2749Waterloo School DistrictSchoolsRobin White
2770Harrison County Secondary RoadsCountyBen Ingersoll
2770Missouri Valley Police DepartmentCityBen Ingersoll
2796Sioux City PATSCityBen Ingersoll
2840Jasper County CourthouseCountyAdam Swihart
2840Jasper County Home Care AidesCountyAdam Swihart
2840Jasper County Sheriff's DepartmentCountyAdam Swihart
2843Dubuque County Nursing HomeCountyRobin White
2844City of Council BluffsCityBen Ingersoll
2919Madison County CourthouseCountyAdam Swihart
2919Madison County Secondary RoadsCountyAdam Swihart
2932City of Fort Dodge LibraryCityRobin White
2932City of Fort Dodge Public WorksCityRobin White
2984Iowa Veterans Home/Toledo/AreaStateAdam Swihart
2985IA Medical & Classification Cntr-OakdaleStateEarlene Anderson
2987Independence Mental Health InstituteStateRobin White
2988Eldora Training SchoolStateRobin White
2989Great River Regional Waste AuthorityCountyEarlene Anderson
2989Iowa State Penitentiary, Ft. MadisonStateEarlene Anderson
2990Woodward Resource CenterStateAdam Swihart
2991Glenwood Resource CenterStateBen Ingersoll
2991Iowa School for the DeafStateBen Ingersoll
2993Cherokee Mental Health InstituteStateBen Ingersoll
2994Anamosa State PenitentiaryStateRobin White
2995Mt. Pleasant Correctional FacilityStateEarlene Anderson
2997DOT District I (Ames)StateAdam Swihart
2998DOT District II (Mason City)StateRobin White
2999DOT District III (Sioux City)StateBen Ingersoll
3000DOT District IV (Atlantic)StateBen Ingersoll
3002DOT District VI (Cedar Rapids)StateRobin White
3004Mason City Area/Clerk of CourtsStateRobin White
3006Sioux City AreaStateBen Ingersoll
3007Rockwell City AreaStateBen Ingersoll
3009Waterloo AreaStateRobin White
3010Dubuque AreaStateRobin White
3011Davenport AreaStateEarlene Anderson
3012Cedar Rapids AreaStateEarlene Anderson
3012Iowa Braille and Sight Saving SchoolStateEarlene Anderson
3013Des Moines AreaStateAdam Swihart
3015Fort Dodge Correctional FacilityStateRobin White
3016Council Bluffs AreaStateBen Ingersoll
3018Ottumwa AreaStateAdam Swihart
3019Burlington AreaStateEarlene Anderson
3094City of Glenwood Public Works/PoliceCityBen Ingersoll
3094Mills County Secondary RoadsCountyBen Ingersoll
3094Mills County Sheriff's DepartmentCountyBen Ingersoll
3094Montgomery County RoadsCountyBen Ingersoll
3094Montgomery County Sheriff's DepartmentCountyBen Ingersoll
3094Page CountyCountyBen Ingersoll
3289CBC District 1 (Waterloo)StateRobin White
3289CBC District 2 (Ames)StateAdam Swihart
3289CBC District 3 (Sioux City)StateBen Ingersoll
3289CBC District 4 (Council Bluffs)StateBen Ingersoll
3289CBC District 5 (Des Moines)StateAdam Swihart
3289CBC District 6 (Cedar Rapids)StateEarlene Anderson
3289CBC District 7 (Davenport)StateEarlene Anderson
3289CBC District 8 (Burlington)StateEarlene Anderson
3420Palmer College of ChiropracticPrivateEarlene Anderson
3450Capitol ComplexStateAdam Swihart
3461City of Perry Public Wrks/LibraryCityAdam Swihart
3462Woodbury County - CourthouseCountyBen Ingersoll
3462Woodbury County - Juvenile Detention CenterCountyBen Ingersoll
3462Woodbury County AttorneyCountyBen Ingersoll
3467Creston SchoolsSchoolsBen Ingersoll
3483City of Decorah and Public LibraryCityRobin White
3483Winneshiek County SheriffsCountyRobin White
3489Waverly UtilitiesCityRobin White
3490Burlington Schools CustodialSchoolsEarlene Anderson
3522Mahaska CountyCountyAdam Swihart
3568DOT Motor Vehicle EnforcementStateAdam Swihart
3576Cedar Falls Municipal UtilitiesCityRobin White
3589Bettendorf Public LibraryCityEarlene Anderson
3589City of Bettendorf EmployeesCityEarlene Anderson
3590City of BloomfieldCityAdam Swihart
3642Council Bluffs Water WorksWater WorksBen Ingersoll
3651City of EstervilleCityBen Ingersoll
3659Great Prairie AEAAEAAdam Swihart
3659Ottumwa Public LibraryCityEarlene Anderson
3659Ottumwa Water WorksWater WorksEarlene Anderson
3671Burlington Schools Food Service EmployeesSchoolsEarlene Anderson
3671Burlington Schools Secretarial EmployeesSchoolsEarlene Anderson
3671Mediapolis Community School District EmployeesSchoolsEarlene Anderson
3673City of GrimesCityAdam Swihart
3673City of MonroeCityAdam Swihart
3673Dallas County Attorneys OfficeCountyAdam Swihart
3673Dallas County Community ServicesCountyAdam Swihart
3673Des Moines Public HousingCityAdam Swihart
3673Marion County Deputies/Jailers/DispatchCountyAdam Swihart
3725City of Le Claire EmployeesCityEarlene Anderson
3746ABM Janitorial (Marshalltown)PrivateAdam Swihart
3747City of Sergeant Bluff  - Public WorksCityBen Ingersoll
3747City of Sergeant Bluff - ClericalCityBen Ingersoll
3747City of Sergeant Bluff - PoliceCityBen Ingersoll
3861City of Carlisle Public WorksCityAdam Swihart
3861City of JohnstonCityAdam Swihart
3861City of West Des MoinesCityAdam Swihart
3861Des Moines Water WorksWater WorksAdam Swihart
3861Warren County RoadsCountyAdam Swihart
3861West Des Moines Water WorksWater WorksAdam Swihart
3865Mt. Pleasant Community School District EmployeesSchoolsEarlene Anderson
3929Ft Madison Community School District EmployeesSchoolsEarlene Anderson
3949City of AudubonCityAdam Swihart
3949City of Jefferson - City EmployeesCityAdam Swihart
3949Greene County Sheriff's DepartmentCountyAdam Swihart