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In the Missouri Legislature, paycheck deception and the anti-public employee omnibus have been filed. Again. Paycheck deception has been voted out of the House and awaits action in the Senate, and SB 602 and it's House companion HB 1413, that includes paycheck deception, bi-annual recertification elections paid for by the unions, and onerous reporting requirements, has been voted out of the Senate General Laws Committee and is on the Senate calendar for debate and could be taken up at any time. 

Contact your Senator to tell them to oppose attacks on workers' freedom to negotiate and earn a fair return on our work. Oppose HB 1413 & SB 602 should they come to the floor: http://www.senate.mo.gov/LegisLookup/Default.aspx

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What is PEOPLE?

PEOPLE is our voluntary political fund we use to fight for candidates who will fight for us! Across the country, Americans are facing an out-of-balance economy that favors the wealthy while wages remain stagnant for everyone else. Working families are struggling to get ahead and public services are under attack. AFSCME PEOPLE, our union’s political action fund, provides us with an opportunity to stand together to protect the benefits and rights we’ve won in our workplaces and our communities.

We must take an active role to elect politicians who advocate for issues that are important to working families, like the need to balance the economy, defend workers’ rights, secure workers’ benefits, invest in public services, and ensure a secure retirement for all. By contributing today, you can help elect local, state and federal candidates who will fight for us and the issues we care about most.